Friday, October 30, 2009

Baby on Board

Whatever happened to those stupid little yellow signs that were so prevalent in the 90's--thank goodness some trends don't last long. Some things seem to last too long--like this pregnancy.

This is Jeramy back for the second post of the day. We went out a couple of weeks ago and did a Fall Family Photo shoot--Freckelton Photography style (how is that for alliteration?). I would wait to post this, but Shelley has been having some regular contractions, and it may not be long until she is no longer pregnant. So here is a post to my beautiful wife.

When we first found out we were pregnant, we discussed how we weren't going to do "pregnancy" pictures. The closer it has got, the more I wanted her to see how good she looked--and to show off that belly:) I am so excited to be a dad and so excited that I have this special woman to be a parent with. Here's to you love---love you!!




Then we turned the camera over to the girls to take some of the two of us--these are our first together since the wedding.


We both loved this picture!!!

We will put on the pics of the girls in the next couple of days---ooh and maybe some newborn baby pics too!!!!!!


  1. Fabulous! Shelley - you look fantastic! Here's hoping for a new baby SOON!!!

  2. These pictures are awesome! You look so good and we can't wait to hear when the little one arrives. Great post!

  3. I love the black and white ones! Definitely needs to be printed on a 20x30 canvas :)

  4. Shelley,
    You have to let me know as soon as anything happens. I love and miss you.

  5. I love you are so beautiful!!

  6. OK all you crazy people making me cry! Luv you all! (Shelley--not Jeramy!)